Hello, my name is Jose (Pepe) Diaz. 


I was born in one of the largest cities in the world; Mexico City. I studied to become a  Construction Technician at IPN (Instituto Politécnico Nacional). As a construction vocational student I designed architectural drawings, performed topographical surveys, while simultaneously learning the basics of carpentry, plumbing, electricity, iron work, interior design, civil engineering, as well as planning and administration duties in construction. I also worked as a specialized drafter at LYTSA (Lumbreras y Túneles, SA) taking photos of the work site and doing drawings of the subway tunnel work progress to present to the city government officials.


I moved to El Paso, Texas in 1995. After spending over 11 years as a foreman at a local carpentry shop where I specialized in home repairs/remodels and building custom furniture and shutters, I  became a customer service technician/furniture refinisher for Charlotte´s Furniture for about 5 years. During my time there I fixed, restored, modified and refinished all types of furniture from antiques to more modern tastes. I dealt directly with customers both in English & Spanish regarding furniture issues in their homes or at the store, and taught furniture maintenance and care.

After years of experience and my background, I decided to return, surprisingly, to the career I originally studied in Mexico; but this time as a home inspector. I apprenticed in the Real Estate field under the direct supervision of a Professional Home Inspector where we performed over 400 inspections. 


In 2018 I received my license as a Professional Home Inspector after finishing all required educational training and field experience by TREC requirements.

I believe that honesty, moral principles, and diligence can set the difference in customer service. I am here to serve you!

Image by Naomi Hébert